New Years Resolutions for 2021 can be gentle and loving self-care.

I have committed to a New Year Resolution for 2021. I will be meditating in some form for 30 minutes a day. I haven’t been able to meditate since I’ve been medicated for my mental illness, which has been about five years. I’m unable to sit still as a side effect of my medication. I had been rooted in some traditional Eastern teachings that you must sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged) and focus on something with the mind while witnessing the breath and coming back to that focus repeatedly as you get distracted. Sitting in Easy Pose, with my core’s posture upright, for 30 minutes usually involves some pain in my hips. I’ve always had to move around and I’ve always felt like I was half-assing my meditations. I’m not innately a half-asser.

My therapist convinced me to find a comfortable position for my body and relax as a meditation. I’ve been experimenting with this inspiration and have been extremely successful. I’m laying in bed in Corpse Pose now allowing my legs to shift naturally into a Reclined Butterfly with my feet touching. 

I learned from Kundalini Yoga that when my eyes look down behind my cheeks and my tongue stays down in the bottom of my mouth, my energy focus in meditation moves downward towards my feet which grows roots. When my eyes are directed into my third eye and my tongue touches the roof of my mouth, my energy focus moves up toward my crown chakra where I can hear angels sing and follow my bliss.

My energy mechanism opens and I feel like I’m receiving craniosacral therapy. I feel my breath shift as my body releases deep tensions. I continually bring my focus back to my eyes and tongue, my witness to my breath. Everything the mind thinks is an illusion. It is creating thought and drama; mind is ego. I can always detach from that and return to breath and my true identity, which witnesses that breath.

Today, during a peaceful, painless meditation, I felt like a successful hedonist, completely satiated in every way. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. I am surrounded by good people and good food and so many lovely kinds of good. Thank you.