“Jenny is extremely well trained and incredibly patient with new clients, including children. I work in the field of trauma healing and would definitely recommend her for clients experiencing pain, trauma and out-of-balance symptoms. She is knowledgeable regarding brain injury, hydrocephalus and less common symptoms. This work is quite different than chiropractic…I find it to be gentler with even more benefits. It is a yielding and deeply relaxing process. My nine-year-old son loved his sessions with her and his headaches and teeth clenching have greatly improved.” -Lia S.

“Jenny is an excellent practitioner of craniosacral therapy, feel great! Thank you!” -Kate B.

“Jenny’s work if fantastic, very in tune and insightful in helping me. It is wonderfully convenient that she travels to the desired location and is very clean / good about sanitation of her equipment.” -Juan R.

“Jenny is a fantastic cranio-sacral therapist. She is professional and very knowledgeable when it comes to the body and healing. I started to notice a change in my neurological symptoms after just one session. I highly recommend her services. She is flexible and comes to your residence, which for me is very convenient. I look forward to my sessions, and I am very thankful I found her to assist in my healing journey.”  -Holly M.

“Jenny is an a gifted and intuitive healer. I am always in movement, be it mind or body, and within her 60 minute session, I was able to experience an extraordinary sense of calmness and rest. It was as if I slept a full uninterrupted 8 hours. It was amazing!”  -Joi D.

“My session felt as relaxing as a Long Island Ice Tea!”  -Sherry M.