“Jenny’s work if fantastic, very in tune and insightful in helping me. It is wonderfully convenient that she travels to the desired location and is very clean / good about sanitation of her equipment.” -Juan R.

“Jenny is a fantastic cranio-sacral therapist. She is professional and very knowledgeable when it comes to the body and healing. I started to notice a change in my neurological symptoms after just one session. I highly recommend her services. She is flexible and comes to your residence, which for me is very convenient. I look forward to my sessions, and I am very thankful I found her to assist in my healing journey.”  -Holly M.

“Jenny is an a gifted and intuitive healer. I am always in movement, be it mind or body, and within her 60 minute session, I was able to experience an extraordinary sense of calmness and rest. It was as if I slept a full uninterrupted 8 hours. It was amazing!”  -Joi D.

“My session felt as relaxing as a Long Island Ice Tea!”  -Sherry M.