When it comes to pain relief, it’s all about the fascia.

I was chatting with a potential client yesterday about the craniosacral therapy bodywork I offer and how it relates to pain relief. To simplify, craniosacral therapy treats a) the craniosacral system, which directly affects the nervous system, and b) fascia. The pain relief which appears miraculously in some sessions is often due to a change in fascia. For example, pain in one’s hip or hands may not be affected by changes in the craniosacral system but may be drastically affected by changes in the fascia. We release the fascia as part of craniosacral therapy because the fluids in our body cannot move as designed until the fascia allows. Therefore, we could do a lot of work on the craniosacral system and only create a buildup of fluid in some areas which could create pressure or discomfort. I prefer to release the fascial diaphragms first to relax the client and the fascia then proceed to address restrictions in the craniosacral system, head, and spine.

Pain coming from the nervous system that exists within the craniosacral system (the tissues around the brain and spinal cord) are directly affected by the assessment and treatment of the craniosacral system that I do as part of craniosacral therapy. This includes symptoms related to cranial nerves, headaches, and spine and disc issues.

For more information, visit ladybug4852.com or call or text Jenny Miller, LMT at (561) 410-6113. Sessions are offered as housecalls in Palm Beach County, Florida and Martin County, Florida.

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