Quarantine Q&A

1. How can craniosacral therapy help my overall health/immune system/anxiety during this pandemic? 

Craniosacral therapy helps overall health primarily through its effects on the parasympathetic nervous system.  A state of relaxation is not only comforting, it is literally healing. It allows your brain to change states of brainwaves into a sort of mental reboot, the type of heaing that deep sleep includes. It allows cells throughout the body to redistribute fluid and release toxins.

Craniosacral therapy affects the immune system primarily through the endocrine system. A technique included in craniosacral therapy, as taught by Dr. John Upledger, is diaphragm releases. Most of the fascia, or connective tissue, in our body runs longitudinally. The locations where fascia runs transversely we call fascial diaphragms. The thymus, the primary endocrine gland of the immune system, sits within one of these diaphragms. By releasing the fascia around the thymus, we allow the hormones from that gland to distribute more fluidly. Equally, it allows nutrients required by the thymus to reach the gland thereby making the thymus more functional. In addition, SomatoEmotional Release, a group of techniques included in craniosacral therapy, can use visualization and dialoguing to connect you with your own inner physician. Using this technique you can direct your own immune system to fight an invader.

Craniosacral therapy reduces anxiety by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system.

I’m not currently offering sessions due to the “stay at home” plan to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As soon as we’re free to roam and interact again, contact me, I can help you recover from the stress of this difficult time.

2. Can you help TMJ and pain from grinding my teeth?

Yes. This is a common disorder we see improve with craniosacral therapy. We do this by using the cranial bones like handles, to stretch the membranes that connect the cranial bones underneath. For example, we release restrictions in the temporal bones which relieves pressure on the facial nerve. This can immediately reduce the pain associated with TMJ dysfunction. We also gently decompress the TMJ joint itself. Complete relief may require a series of sessions but each session will show improvement.

I also work inside the mouth with a gloved hand. By releasing the hard palate and facial bones, most of the pressure in the jaw is alleviated.

3. Do I have to disrobe for treatment?

No. You will remain fully clothed, wearing comfortable clothing but not denim, when lying face up on the massage table.

4. Do you offer a package deal or a rate for scheduling a series of sessions?

I do not. My rate is $70 per hour session in your home. This rate is intended to be accommodating and affordable for most. At this already discounted rate, I cannot afford a further discount.

5. Can craniosacral therapy relieve back pain?

Yes. This is another common ailment we treat. By decompressing the spinal bones themselves and stretching the membranes around the spinal cord, most pain can be alleviated over a series of sessions.

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