what is stress reduction?

We have two nervous systems: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The sympathetic is “fight, flight, or freeze.” These are our natural responses to danger. The parasympathetic is “feed and breed.” This should be our normal, relaxed state.

The sympathetic nervous system helps us cope with a tiger who wants to eat us chasing after us. It doesn’t help at work. Yet our body creates feedback loops that allow the stress to continue to manifest as increasing the activity of our sympathetic nervous system. What is best at work, in “normal” stressful situations, is to be calm, relaxed, and focused. In this state of our parasympathetic nervous system in the lead, we can perform at our best, even in the stressful situations that we face every day.

Craniosacral therapy assists your body’s own healing mechanisms in slowing down the hormones of the sympathetic nervous system and activating feedback loops that allow the parasympathetic nervous system to resume control. Symptoms of the parasympathetic nervous system include deeper breaths, such as your belly moving up and down as you lie on the massage table, tummy sounds, which indicate normal digestion resuming, and the relaxation of muscle and tissues throughout the body.

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