Are you just starting this?

I’ve been focused on growing my practice for about a year now. I met someone at the Compass Pride Business Social recently who asked if I am new to craniosacral therapy. I explained that my trainings were from 2002-2005. (I am registered for the Advanced I training in 2020.) He asked me what has been happening since my trainings.

I fumbled for words and didn’t know how to explain. I live my truth with a commitment to personal and spiritual growth, so here it is.

I practiced craniosacral therapy in Portland, Oregon from 2004 – 2009. My wife and I tried to have a baby and instead I ended up with a hysterectomy. That triggered a healing crisis that disabled me and I stopped working completely. A few years later my wife, unexpectedly, divorced me. I moved back home to south Florida to the support of my family. As I told the gentleman who asked the question, I had some personal time off.

I am now healthy enough to return to work part-time and this is my process. Thank you for your support, in every way. I pray I can be productive and successful doing something I love.

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