SomatoEmotional Release (SER)

A method of SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is included in the CranioSacral Therapy (CST) playbook. The basic principle is that we have emotional energy stuck in the soma, or muscle and soft tissue. When the emotion releases, it often has to be felt in the process. As the emotion releases from the body, other energy from the original trauma, or injury, is released with it.

Dialoguing is used to explore, discover, and resolve the emotion connected to the trauma or energy. When trauma, an impact – either physical, or energetic, enters into the tissue, the body dissipates as much as possible. Often when an emotion is involved, the trauma seems to be more difficult to dissipate. What the body cannot resolve itself is walled off into energy cysts.

1 thought on “SomatoEmotional Release (SER)”

  1. SomatoEmotional Release is helpful for: ? Resolving old emotionally charged memories that you still think about often ? Relieving unexplained physical discomfort and pain in the body ? Understanding emotions like anger, sadness, fear and anxiety ? Becoming grounded and present in your body ? Clearing misunderstood emotional reactions ? Releasing unknown and unwanted triggers In an SER sessi b on, you also play an important role in facilitating your own healing. In some moments, this process may feel daunting but it is true that no one else can do this work for you. Once you dive in, the process can be fascinating, enlightening and life-changing.

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