There is never anything to be upset about. Humans are born. Humans die. Animals are born. Animals die. There is cruelty and suffering throughout the world.

We can do whatever we can to end the cruelty, depending on our power and position. We can focus pointed attention toward ending the suffering of all sentient beings. Focusing our attention in this way is often called prayer. Praying is thinking. It is a powerful process when we put our energy into it.

Getting upset does nothing except waste and distract our own focused energy.

When I stop paying attention to what I feel in and around my body, when I lose touch with my senses, I feel agitated, irritated. Irritation, physically, emotionally, energetically, is the root of inflammation, which causes much illness and disease.

The only solution I’ve found is to breathe, intending to soften and open to the anger; to keep opening over and over again, the anger washing out of me, leaving rainbows in its place.

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