philosophy of evolution

peaceful (r)evolution

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Let us begin with a creation story of unknown origin: Before there was God, as we know him today, before there was light and dark, before there was yin and yang, there was emptiness. Creation, God, and/or Goddess, then swept through the emptiness and from nothing, created something.

Dust became planets. Earth came to life. Humanity was born.

Strong, cultural connections are significantly varied from place to place. Our DNA controls our core; how we think. Eastern philosophy and Western philosophy were born. The difference, when compared, is striking. Equally profound is the shared concepts such as peace, war, ethics, and empathy. The concepts of yin and yang and seeking balance as harmony are included in Eastern philosophy. The concepts of good versus evil, right versus wrong, and light versus shadow are included in Western philosophy. Eastern minds think of oneness; Western minds think of two sides to every coin. Duality supports us in categorizing and labeling the smallest common denominator of everything. The Western scientific method is based on the duality of true versus false. Our justice system is based on the duality of guilt versus innocence.

I propose that a greater peace, inward, is found by transcending duality. As we choose to transcend duality, we increase the amount of peaceful abundance, or flow, in our communities. This flow of light and peace reaches into all the dark corners and what begins is a peaceful revolution by way of evolution.

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